Clunky gearbox and ticking noise

I have just purchased a VF1000RG about 38k miles. It clunk when puting it into 1st I have heard these can be a bit rough in the drive train and some previous Hondas I’ve owned make a bit of noise going into 1st. Also ay idle it has a pronounced tick from rear cylinder I think its an exhaust leak could be tappets though…is this common?

Hi Ari,
I’m no great expert on these but it sounds like the clunking going into first may be to do with the clutch adjustment. When you select first you shouldn’t get any lurching or clunking when it goes into gear.
The ticking does sound a bit like tappet or rocker arm wear/adjustment.
It may be worthwhile to pull the tank off etc, remove the cylinder head covers and check the valve clearances, you may just need some adjustment there, also you can visually check the cam lobes and rockers etc for wear.

what seems to be happening is it runs on 3 cylinder at idle and then kicks into 4 just off idle and makes the tapping noise as the 4th cylinder starts firing (rear cylinder) - still sounds like leak from header

check the carb diaphragm for the 4th cylinder. Could be split.

cheers will do