Clutch plate chage

Hello all,
Does anyone know if it is possible to change the clutch plates without draining all the oil on a VF1000RE?

Yup,pack the wheels up by an inch and put the bike on it’s sidestand

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Thankyou for the help Bif

Thanks BIf, is there an amount of oil I can drain out to have the same effect as tipping the bike to allow a clutch change? I have just fitted a new side stand and keen not to bend it!
Thanks Fry

Why not drain it all and just refill when finished?

I guess that is the obvious answer, just have to give my drain bowl a good clean first

That oil must be worth a fortune if you want to keep it that bad. :wink:

You would think so wouldn’t you! It’s just that i changed it over xmas and it has done a grand total of 10 miles since then.
That will teach me not to plan ahead