Clutch push rod seal

Hi guys, bike rebuilds going well but I noticed the seal for the clutch pushrod is leaking. I did use a new seal, I haven’t fitted the outer cover or clutch slave so I’m wondering whether the rod can move around a bit causing the leak, what are your thoughts? I did put the seal in the same way it came out but which way is the right way? Or am I in denial and should remove and fit another seal, cheers Tony IMG20200418173026

The seals are cheap, just fit a new one and be done with it.

True, the seal is cheap but a bit of work to change it , which way should the seal face? No one else got an opinion?

Flat face to the outside,it’s holding oil in so the large lip goes to the inside with the smaller dust seal lip to the outside


Thanks guys, I’ll check which way I put it in