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I am in the middle of rebiulding my VF1000R and was looking at the collector box although there is nothing wrong with it i dont want to put it back, dose anybody do just a set off pipes to replace it. I still want to use my yoshi race cans cause the sound is so [8D]…help 25 of you have looked at this some one should have a clue what i can do please.[:)]

Hi Stephen, original and after market exhaust systems for these bikes are very rare (and expensive) to find. eBay is your friend although I’ve only ever seen 4 into 1 after market systems to replace that massive collector box. Your other option is to post on the Interceptors list and see what our friends across the water have got hiding in their garages.

I’ve been worrying a bit over my exhaust sys and collector box since I bought my VF1FE, it’s sound at the moment and I have also got a 4 into 1 Laser sys that came with the spare/broken bike that was part of the package, however I like the oe twin pipes and would like to keep the bike as standard as poss in the future so I was plannning to try and get a collector box made up in stainless by one of these specialist exhaust makers that you sometimes see at bike shows ( There was an impressive stand at Ally Pally this year by a bloke who does just this – can’t remember his name tho’ !! ).
Has anybody else tried this ? Also how about several of us put in orders for bespoke stainless downpipes/collector box and try to reduce cost ?

At least Overlander ( in Australia lists collector boxes for VF1000, but do not know, which model. May be worth of checking, and if you do, let us know too.

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This is a tough one. No one state side makes a system for a VF1000R anymore. The only place I have found is in Australia. They sell both slip on’s and full systems they run around $1,000 US plus shipping.…security=eFJdqn

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To much crap! Need a bigger garage.
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