colour codes for paint

My vf1000fe 1984 is candy red and black plus white strips with a red pinstripe to cover the join for the two paints used.

What is the correct name description of the RED please[?]


Hi, its Candy Alamoana Red, you might find that few places can match it, even then it may require a full repaint to make sure it all matches, it will need a silver basecoat, then the colour which will probably be an ink, then laquer, Phil.

its really hard to find reference to it on the internet
I have a complete set tank and all ready to paint and a sprayer that has the knowledge to spray it and a paint supplier in Norwich I am going to see after the Easter break which he recommended

he says He can respray my right panel for £30.00 if I supply the paint,will give him an unfaded one for reference.[:)]

When I get stuck for matching bike colours I go to RS bikepaint in Hertfordshire, I prefer to use all 2 pack where ever possible, RS supply waterbased basecoats and cellulose based inks, I painted some moped tanks with RS’s paints a while ago some of which are here.