complete fe/re gasket sets

just seen these on ebay, complete gasket sets listed for the vf1000RE, these sets will also fit the fe,

reduced price, 50% off, offer ends in 16 hours. £15


Had one of these recently seem to be good gaskets no leaks yet! Just ordered another set for stock.

I have one of these on the shelf but at the price I think it is worth having another,I hope your on commission Pete

commission… I ought to be lol.

the fact that im looking at gasket sets is bad news… it means there’s an engine re-build looming :frowning: >:(
Iv’e ordered 2, one to use and one for stock… maybe i should order another just in case ::slight_smile:
The guy on ebay will wonder whats going on, i think he’s sold about 5 in the last 24 hours :o

just ordered one you never know ? :slight_smile:

those gasket sets have gone back up to £30, I knew i should have ordered another one :frowning:

still dam cheap
seen them for £100 in the USA