RATS ! :’( Just started doing maintainance / tidy up jobs and decided I’d start with the brakes which are basically 'orrid. 2 pistons are fairly rusty and the discs are bin material. Haven’t got as far as stripping the calipers but have nasty feeling it’s not going to be good.
I’m off for a strong mug of tea.

Take heart Yorky, be a man about it. We’ve all been there mate. At least you can get most of those parts you mentioned - not sure about the discs themselves.
I’m in the same boat as you but having just replaced the front tyre ( did you read that Bif / Pete ?) I was astounded how much better the handling was or perhaps I should say, how bad the handling was with the old tyre. Incidentally for the Brits reading this, I bought an Avon Roadrider front tyre from Bikespeed in Scotland for £65.00 delivered, within 24 hrs of the order.
I’ll order the pistons , seals etc in a few weeks time.

Always a pain in the arse when think summit is gonna be easy. :o :o

Not taken calipers apart yet but, surprisingly they don’t look too bad. Pistons on right hand side have a bit of light rust but hopefully they should polish up.
Any pointers as to best replacement discs ? I’m looking at the EBC’ s from Wemoto unless anyone knows any other source.
I have to replace seals in 1 fork so going to strip both and re-powdercoat the legs. Might as well strip and check anti dive as well. I WILL be putting stainless hoses on as well at some point but having to replace the discs as eaten the budget up. Oh the joys of classic bike ownership ;D.

What about the master cyl seals ?

Master cylinder kits are available from the likes of tourmax,I have one on the shelf but have not needed to fit it on any of ours so far
Regards Bif

Probably hang fire on that for time being. However, if it’s not done before I’ll definitely do when I fit the stainless hoses.
Ordering caliper kits tonight.

One step forward and one back.
Got the front calipers rebuilt, pistons turned out to be ok, just polished up. On the downside I’ve made it worse :(. Having day off work I thought I’d address the permanently on high beam warning light. Thought it would be a stuck switch or dirty connection, how difficult can that be (HA !!) ?
Dismantled switch gear, and, of course, being Japanese you cant get into the switch, so gave it a gentle blow out and a squirt of contact cleaner. No luck. Bugger. Put it back together and recheck and it blows the headlamp, horn and indicator fuses. RATS >:(.
So now I’ve got to take it all apart again.

Curses and more

I think the choke cable has snapped! So I remove the seat, I remove the side panels and put them safe so they don’t get marked, try to remove the nearly full tank, finally get it off the bike. I don’t want to put it on the floor where I might knock it, so I put it on the telescopic chair that I keep in the garage. I start to remove air box etc, I see out the corner of my eye the tank slipping off the chair. I could not get to it before it hits the floor, tips on its back and smashes down on the lowered bike ramp. Fxxx, Fxxx, I know it’s going to be dented, I didnt expect the corner of the ramp would puncture the tank leaving me the massive problem of getting the tank welded and painted or a second hand tank which may also require painting. £15 choke cable becomes a £100-£250 headache

Anybody got a good fuel tank for sale?

Regards Coman

Ps the cable from wemoto arrived the very next day, I went to fit it today but it’s at least 6 inches too short ( I’ve rerouted it behind the fork tubes and it just reaches

Progress at last. YAY !
Having originally only planned on new fork seals, I’ ve ended up with -
Replaced top yoke
Rebuilt front callipers and master cylinder
Braided hoses
New discs
Replaced switch cluster
New front indicator stalks ( both broken and held together with 6 " nails and 1/2 roll of insulating tape ;D)

Typical 2nd hand Kiwi bleedin’ bike.
I’m hopefully on top of it now, just in time for the end of summer.
Still got to investigate the back shock and drop the sump to check the screen but that can wait I just want to get some miles under my belt.
Next it’s on to the rest of the ‘collection’
Kawasaki KE 100 for the wife and Suzi FR80 for me as a work hack. Also something involving a Suzi GS550 frame and Yam Thundercat motor.