Dale Walker 'Holeshot' Oil mod

Just finished fitting my recent purchase of Dale Walker ‘Holeshot’ Oil mod…

Tidy job Rodger,you don’t happen to know the bore of the hose provided with the kit?
Regards Bif

Sorry BIF , never thought to check.

They were -2’s on the original one that i bought to copy.

You should have bought one of mine,i have 20 in stock in MK.

Feel free to put your kits up on the for sale section crooky,make it sticky to keep it at the top of the page.
I’ve been comparing the components used on the filter base type and the drill and tap type,only to find a discrepancy in the hose used.your kit uses -2 and the drill and tap uses-4.
The main restriction is the banjo bolt and oil ways in the head so perhaps the bore of hose is not as crucial as I first thought.
Regards Bif

Hi Crooky,Thought yours was the drill and tap one, that’s why I went for this one… soz