dead 85 1000 f2f

3 weeks ago i scooted to my mates place for tooling for working on my cbr600f4i wheels for f2f. on the trip back on a narrow back road just on 260 kph i rolled off the throttle for the approaching t intersection only to encounter a massive seizure / lockup of the rear wheel it was a 1 1/2 second 180 mtr wrestle with a raging monster that was in no mood for having me on its back any longer, the result was a humongous high side, after end over end tumbling for another 70 mtrs i found myself on my feet looking back up the road at a very ugly trail of destruction, needless to say it is completely rooted, i spent a week in hospital, lots of morph and 2 more weeks in at home still with half a dozen dressings but on the bright side i still have a vf1000f in my garage i bought for spares for my f2f… so all is not lost, this one will have the f4i wheels and brakes on it and a mate ripped the 4 into 1 into 2 extractors i made off the f2f as well as a few other bits before the insurance company’s pick up scrap metal truck turned up to take it away. so having another beasty and a few nice bits to play with for it makes the painful wait worth it, I’m quite immobilised at the moment but am busy growing heaps of new skin. i am quite sad she died that way, i had her for almost 10 yrs and knew her inside and out, she had character as well as grunt and lots of class, she will be sadly missed i still have the personalised plate from her “QIC 85” so happens my f is an 85 as well.
all the best… Ray.

Feel for you mate! Sounds like the off was a biggie. As for the VF, she went with a bang and not a wimper!! Any idea if she seized or did the gearbox lock up? I’d keep a small piece of the ole girl as a memento!!

Sorry to hear that, Ray. Let us know, if you find out the reason. I am going to overhaul an engine for my F2, and it would be nice to know what to look, especially if it was a gearbox lockup.
Just spent couple of hours removing the valves, too many in my opinion ; ) . Everything looks good so far, glass beading was easy way to remove all carbon deposit.

i tried to bargain with the insurance company for the wreck for the sole purpose of stripping it down, retrieving my lumpy cams and kitted carbs as well as finding out what went wrong but they just wouldn’t budge and therefore took it away, so unfortunately i still have unanswered questions and am unable to share my findings. but i can speculate to the area of concern, i had recently back cut the gear dogs because it was jumping out of 5th and with lots of distractions when reassembling it, i am not 100% sure i lined up the oil holes on the primary gear shaft correctly and therefore not getting enough lubrication especially under maximum stress. these things run a slipper clutch so had the seizure been prior to the clutch pack it would have free wheeled which points only to the gearbox or clutch itself and of course i checked the rear end and found nothing wrong there except for mega damage from the tumbling down the road.
still healing inside and out, will be a while till i get to the f but i will get there as soon as i am capable, typing with 1 finger is difficult, still smiling.

Man, that’s bad luck.
I wonder why the insurance company wouldn’t sell it back to you, they’ll only be selling it to a wreckers?

Bad luck there Ray…or mebbe good luck as you’re still here AND have another VF to play with when you’re better.

Best wishes.