Decal sets for VF1000FE in Red complete

I shall be ordering a complete set of Decals very soon from

John at Sunrise Graphics & FABfastenings in the United Kingdom</font id=“blue”>

I emailed them and got a quick reply

The price is £90.00 inc P&P. Delivery approx 14 days.</font id=“green”>

He told me these are high quality kits

just got to respray My bike first


Does their complete set include the little warning labels found around the bike? Like chain adjustment, damping adjustment, battery breather routing, that sort of thing? I found a company called cbdecals that do the whole lot, but they are in Canada. If Sunrise do the whole shebang, it makes sense to use them.

yes when I emailed them a day ago
I asked that question YES was the answer</font id=“green”>

this is the set I will order real soon


Ah, they’re a different colour to mine. My 84 FE has a black/dark red metallic paintscheme with the graphics mainly pearlescent white , not red like yours. The graphics you have on order are not a colour match for your fairing(although the design shape is correct), they should consist of a largely white stripe with a darker red border along the edge and with Honda picked out in red(assuming your using the fairing as your colour guide)?

This set is for the blue/white and red stripe colour scheme, same as mine.

This one is for the red/black colour scheme

and this for the black/silver colour scheme


Did I forget to say I am getting My VF sprayed

White</font id=“blue”> with a blue</font id=“red”> middle with red</font id=“limegreen”> striping

Bet that looks confusing to the eye</font id=“yellow”>

Opps might have forgot that.


Is there anywhere we can still get any of these decals?

Preferably in the UK if possible.


If u get the decals i have all the warning and info stickers here.

I need the information decals for my 86 VF1000R…USA model.

Also warning stickers