I was looking inside my carburetors the other day and fount three busted Diaphragms[:(]
I´ve been in touch with a guy in USA and he has a set of carbs that I thought he wanted to sell, but now he hasn´t been in touch for long so I don´t know.
Does anybody here have three spare Diaphragms for my 84 Interceptor 1000
or set of carburetors that he wants to sell.
The carbs are VD 72A and the Diaphragms are 3mm with two holes and red ring.
I hope someone can help me.

Best to all
Gunnar Már

There’s a company in the UK that sells replacement diaphragms for the VF as well as 100s of other bikes. Maybe they can help…www.nrp-carbs.co.uk

Thanks Scratcher, it is good to know that this company exists,
I just got messages from the guy in USA and I think this is going to work out the way I want.[:D]

Gunnar Már