Difference between 1984 vf1000re and 1985 vf1000rf frames

hi, I’m new to this forum and I have a 1984 vf1000re, my question is : is there any difference between the 1984 vf1000re and the 1985 vf1000rf frames? any help appreciated…

Welcome,three main differences I can think of are
1 RF has brackets on the front frame rails to bolt to the front head
2 RF right frame rail is curved to allow for the extra width of the rear cylinder head
3 lower mounts for the fairing on the bottom rails are further forward on the RF
There may be others
best regards Bif

I would perhaps also mention the coolant, which is fed through the left front removable part of the frame on the RE, but not on the RF, which does this via a hose.
Correct me please, if I should be wrong!

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Excellent ok that’s very useful Bif, so if there are brackets on the RF frame rails for the front head that would mean it would be apparent if there was a combination of an RE engine fitted to an RF frame… I shall have a closer look, many thanks

Also useful JK, it gives me a cross ref, appreciate the information…
many thanks, Richard

And the width for the upper mounting of the rear shock absorber differs. There are welded washers in 85/86 frame

appreciate the information Faxe, thanks