Disc options and help needed

Hello collective mind,

Looking forward into the rebuild of the VF1000R I am looking for some disc’s options. I have original cornstar wheels but no disc’s what can I do??

Ebc do the front discs, part number MD1146, sportsbikeshop used to be the cheapest for them,

Original ones are available from flyaway, yhe EBC are a good new option.
What country are you in?

I’m in the uk,
Brembo have disks for the R listed, I’m pretty sure some one on here ordered them, when they arrived they were for the F, they wouldn’t change them stating that they were for the R…

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That was me that was,still the same mistake in the Brembo catalogue.
Metal gear do a replacement too ,available on eBay.de.
Do you have the original mounting bolts,spacers and wave washers?

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Bif, No that was going to be the next question. CMS show some but not all bits or enough.

Hi how urgently do you need the discs and fittings?
I know that I have some but I am not sure of exactly what I have as they are in storage.
I have a lower back injury and I am waiting for some treatment but with the covid situation I need to shield until mid September or so. After that I am hoping to visit family where my bike bits are stored.

Regards Hugh

Hi Hugh,

I am not in a massive rush as I have only just started putting it back together. If you can look when you are there that would be great. :+1:
CMS had 3 bolts for the front disc’s :roll_eyes:

I have discs and the fittings in good used condition,would you be interested in doing a deal with the front wheel and discs that came with your R?

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Hi Bif,

That would be possible, you could have the rear as well. The only issue I know is one of the bolts sheared off, but the rest is ok. I can send pictures

I have a set of “R” wheels with brake disks.
But I don’t know what shape they are in.
I can check this week

A couple of pics would be good,I can do the same with the discs