Does anybody own.....

Does anybody own either of my old VF 1000 FE’s.

The first one was a blue and white beauty registration number B24 AGC. 

The second bike was a red and black one registration C422 BYK.

I am currently on the lookout for another FE to relive my youth on, some 20 plus years after selling my red and black bike to a car dealer in Wallington, Surrey. Both of my old bikes came from Dobles of Coulsdon in the 1980’s.

B24 AGC has not been on the road since 1998 so its either been scrapped or in storage, C422 BYK is taxed till July this year and not been sorned, so it sounds like its still up and running, so good luck with searching!

Good work detective Philjo! Did you get that info from the DVLA site?

Good luck with the bike hunt Charlie, and welcome to the forum!


Yes it was off DVLA, quite handy sometimes, pity they wont tell you the present keeper.

Thank you for the information, i’ll keep looking for the Red and Black VF1000 as it’s still out there somewhere, and thank you for the welcome to the forum [:)]

How and where is the page you can track a reg from on dvlc web site please

Here is the link.