does anyone do exhausts etc in this country

I am thinking of doing a stainless system for my bike if anyone knows where I can get one made. Alternatively any one got a clue as to where to get hold of one? (dont all start laughing )

I don’t know where abouts in the UK you are, but there is a well known company in Welwyn Garden City, Herts, called Predator Motorsport. They make bespoke exhausts, including legal silencers, for bikes and cars on the premises in full stainless steel. You might need deep pockets though!

Just a suggestion which might take off, what if we as a board commissioned a batch of SS replacement collector boxes from a bespoke manufacturer ? If say 10 0r more of us ordered together we might get a much better price ? And imagine the comfortable feeling of knowing that your exhaust was never going to be the reason that your trusty VF is “retired”.
I’m actually lucky enough to have a spare collector box ( no not selling ) on the shelf, but I’d still be tempted to buy a SS one if one were available.
Just a though ?