does it ever end more help please

ok here we go again,my 86 f2 now is running like a dream,it revs up to the red line and goes like a rocket,i took it a run came home tried to restart it and the starter is not working you can feel it turning really slow,i got it off and tried it on a battery its spinning fast i tried holding the end with some rag and connecting it and i can stop it spining easy,is that normal or is my starter goosed or is a case of new bushes???thanks yet again you lot[:)]

when you managed to stop it spinning with a rag, was it conected through the bike wireing or just conected to a loose battery, if its conected through bike, i would check your live and earth conections on barrery/starter and solanoid, they can loose loads of power through dry conections ect ,
totaly diferent i know, but just had same problem with transit van, turned out to be dry conection where live lead is crimped.

Im sure the cable from the battery to the solenoid can cause a problem,i would clean all the connections first.

hmmmmm i tried it on a battery with jump leads,i also tried it on the bike,with a earth on the frame,and it did feel a bit better,i then refitted it and it still wouldnt turn the bike over,it was just humming ???

It does sound like the starter motor has had it, I wouldn’t think you should be able to stop it spinning by hand, more likely to rip your fingers off!

It could be binding up on the bushes, it may just need a strip, clean and re oil of the bushes if it isn’t making any crackling or spitting sounds or could also be worn brushes, good time to have a look anyway.

cheers planty i will have a look,[;)]

hi fallingspark

i agree with planty, sounds like brushes to me. here is a link where you can buy them: they cost 16 euro each. if you strip the motor down check the commutator ( copper strips brushes run on ) to make sure there are no raised sections and no horrible burnt smell, they stink if they have burnt out. if all ok you should be able to clean comm with a light rub with wet and dry do not use anything too abraisive and clean between the sections using a stanley knife, stretch springs on brushes slightly and re assemble. if it then works better all you will need is new brushes. i have some spare starter motors and can either service yours or do an exchange as long as it has not burnt out.


well this morning i took the starter apart,and give it a good clean the brushes were fine,i put it all back together and tested its done the job and its lots stronger now i put it back on the bike and still nothing,so i took all the plugs out and tried to push the bike forward,the back wheel was locked i then drained the oil and took the clutch cover off,i tried to turn the engine with a ratchet and it was tight i managed to move it then it went free again,so i put it all back together again and it started fine and run for about 30 secs then stopped again,i can only assume my engine has siezed,[V]

check the shaft on starter to see if any of the wormdrive has sheered off, also have a good look at all the teeth on the oil pump sprocket, starter clutch primary drive gear and clutch in case any are missing, they can get jammed in between other parts. try removing starter clutch and primary drive gear and turning engine with a socket on the generator side, this should isolate the crank and cams from clutch and gear box and help narrow down where the fault is. when it ran for 30 secs did it make any horrible noises or smoke at all ?


no smoke no strange noises,i will take of the cover and have another look see if i can see anything amiss,

no smoke and no bad noises is a good sign!! i have had a tooth sheer off the primary drive gear and jam the clutch on one of these bikes and since you have had the starter motor off i would concentrate my efforts in this area. good luck.


the only thing i can see is the chain on the oil pump is really slack ???