doesnt fit

GOT two graphite exhaust collars for the new vf but once they are on the exhaust wont go over them dont know if the walls of the gasket thing are too thick or if the exhaust is the wrong one …?

Have you cleaned the pipe and collector box of all the old gasket & rust you may need to open the mouth of the silencer a bit to get the new gasket in don’t force it you want it to slide in without any pressure(whoo vicar) Then fit it on the collector box Then slide the silencer over DO NOT FORCE IT or you will bugger the new gasket That will be 3 shillings & tupence

if you mean the rear collector to rear cylinder down pipe gaskets, the easiest way i found to get these on was to fit the graphite collars half way in the collector box leaving about an inch stuck out, then offer the collector box up to the rear pipes and shuffle untill you have the rear pipes halfway into the graphite collars. then support the collector with something suitable, then line up the front pipes, then push the collector all the way up…

If you mean the silencer to collector graphite gaskets, these may vary, especially with after market pipes made in europe, my old busso tail pipes fitted snugly onto the collector without the need for the gaskets… the delkevics ive fitted recently did.

OMG… I have just taken off my collector box as it was blowing and found nearly all the exhaust to collector has been botched. I have no idea how it should look after removing jagged bits of connecting pipe and heath robinson brackets. Bought the bike as an unfinished project couple of weeks ago so expected the worst. Anyone have any ifo as to how it should look? or pic

BikelessBob :frowning: