Drive Sprocket O-Ring leak

So I have a leak coming from the drive sprocket area. Old o-rings were shot so I bought what I could find and I stil have the leak! The orings look the same as original ones but maybe size is the issue.

Anyone has information what size of orings (two orings) should I buy? Bike is 1983 VF 1000F

Hi Pablo,if you go to and locate the parts diagram for the 84 Interceptor,it will detail the Items you require.
The Oring sizes are listed so you may be able to obtain them locally.
Best regards Bif

I bought the orings as per CMSNL and they leaked! That is why I am asking the question just to make sure I have correct size. They are dozens of sizes on that website

Now I have ordered the following sizes to test

Outer Oring
38x58x10 - little smaller ID, I measured 39mm on my drive sprocket output shaft
40x58x10 - I bought this one last time and it leaked, same as the one installed on my bike

Inner Oring
40x62x8 - this one seems a good size, snug fit but again could be tighter

The standard sizes are 40x58x9 for the outer seal and 40x62x6 for inner seal
If you have a persistent leak check that the sleeve behind the splined section is tight on the shaft,this is the part the seal seats on.
V4 Freddy has had this come slack.
Regards Bif

Thanks for information Bif!

I used the 40x58x10 and 40x62x8 and after 300 kilometers no leaks. I figured that the first oring I got was faulty or not seated properly.