Dual headlight wiring question

My 84 RE only has 2 wires to each headlight bulb plug so one light is high beam and the other low beam. The bulb plug is 3 pin. On the wiring diagram there are 2 dotted lines showing how a third wire and connector can be added to the plug - presumably to enable both lights to have low and high beam.
Can someone shed some light on this?

The front glass is not designed for dual head light. If you use two bulbs in parallel the current will be doubled and this can make the switch fail.

In the 86 version the “passing” switch triggers both high beams.

If you want to use both lights (don’t ask me legal question for down under), I would use a 15A fused line at least 4 mm² from the battery to the front and have a relais (or two). Use the line from the switches for the coils and use them for putting 12V to the bulbs.

The bulb connectors use 6,3 mm standard pins. You make the connections as you want.

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Need to check the diagrams for Oz spec but uk versions run both lamps at the same time.There are already two relays in the lighting circuit for the twin headlight models.
I was wondering if Faxe has converted his from a single headlight to the twin

My bike is a French model. I am not sure what the headlight rules are in France.
As you say, Faxe, by having 2 lights on at the same time will draw 2x the current and I will have to check relays and fuses to see if they can handle the current.
Bif - do you have a wiring diagram applicable to British bikes or is it the same the one I have with the dotted lines?

In Germany I am only allowed to run 1 headlight. This is the original configuration for 86 GER version having the double head light.

I put in a relay and extra switch to have the second one manually switched on, if the other fails (or have double if needed).

I will check them tonight when I get back home

This may interest you Faxe,the diagram for the 86 has this on it

The UK model(E) has high and low on both left and right bulbs
The German model(G) has high on both and low on the left only
Being as Downunder has a French model(F)he has high on the right and lo on the left.
The Australian model(U) has hi and low on both(according to the RE manual)

So the simple solution is to join the dots as per the diagram below

Best regards Bif

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Thanks Bif - the diagrams confirm that my wiring is original for France. Should fairly easy to add the 2 wires and have both lights on high and low.

Hi Bif, would it be possible for you to upload any wiring diagrams you have for the VF1000’s. So that we can download them from the forum sight. Your diagrams seem to be in pretty good nick and they are hard to find over here in Aust.

Yup,I will consult our tech guru PAJ as to the best way to make them available

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Great, Thanks Bif.

I can confirm My AU delivered '86 has both headlights on all the time. :+1:

Try this one to be sure you can get all the detail.
If this is siuitable I will iron them as flat as I can
This is the diagram for the RE


I haven’t had time to rewire my lights yet but will need 2 spade connectors as they are missing from the headlight connectors. Just looking at the connectors I presume the spade connectors are of the 90° type and not the straight type.
Can anyone confirm this?

Hi Bif, If you can get them as flat as you can this should be ok and I should be able to turn them into PDF files. The creases and the dark and light areas make it hard to get a good quality PDF from it.

Not 100% sure, but I would use these:

Vogt Verbindungstechnik 3832d.61 Flachsteckhülse mit Rasthaken Steckbreite: 6.3 mm Steckdicke: 0.8 mm 180 ° Unisoliert M kaufen (conrad.de)

I needs this nose/hook that you it sticks in the housing.

Use the same ones (type) that are already in the connector.