Dynojet experiences anybody

Does somebody have good or bad experiences in Dynojet kits? I bought one to replace worn needles, but would like to be sure before drilling slightly bigger holes in the slides.

The old site had a link to a Swedish owner who had lots of mods on his VF including a Dynojet kit.From memory he had good gains with it when tested on a Dyno.Regards BIF

Hi Pekka,

I ended up getting a performance kit from Factory Pro in USA, but on arrival I found it had the incorrect jets (125 and 128) supplied even though it was marked ‘Australian Export’ .

Apart from the jets the only other things in the kit were four adjustable needles and a set of Allen head screws for the carby bowls. It did have quite detailed instructions on setting up the carbys though.

I emailed the guy and told him that AU/UK models have 145/150 as standard and he then sent me a heap of jets ranging from 140 to 165, so not so bad in the end but the original kit was a bit overpriced for what it contained.

I’d be interested in hearing how you go with the Dynojet kit and what size main jets you end up with.


hi pekka

i have used a dyno jet kit on a vf1000. i had to fit the kit because i fitted a k&n filter and a four into one exhaust and even when jetted correct for top revs it was flat in the mid range. the standard needles are not adjustable, unless you count adding washers under the standard needle. the bike goes like a rocket now but not sure whether it is the dyno kit, filter or the four into one exhaust or all together that have made it better.


Hi garyb - just interested in what 4 into 1 exhaust you have fitted. Does it sound nice :wink:


the 4 into 1 exhaust came with the “R” engine i fitted, the can has Laser stamped into the end but is very different to the previous 4 into 1 i was using that was also a laser. this one has larger diameter pipes and a better quality collector box. as for the sound its fantastic, combined with the induction roar you get with the k&n she sounds like a v4 should!!