End of the line He was a motorcycle rider

on 27th February 2015 the day after my bolder brothers birthday after a long illness at 7pm My Dad Derek Albert Fairweather Aged 82, 1 of 5 brothers passed peacefully away,I got up this morning and he was gone by 7pm evening
I love him so much and miss him
I hope he is riding his vincent in sunshine weather on a open road

Very sad news,Be lost when i lose my Dad as he is always there for me.Hope it gets easier in time mate.

Condolences from down under Lloyd, sorry to hear of your loss. I know it was bloody hard when my dad went, now 13 years ago but still hard.
Glad to hear he went peacefully.

Condolences for your loss, my Dad went last year and we all miss him everyday.

Sincères condoléances from France, Lloyd.

We all share your grief Lloyd. Thanks for allowing us that privilege.

My thoughts are with you Lloyd,I’m very aware my own Dad is not in the best of health can’t even contemplate life without him.
Be strong mate and remember that all he was helped make you who you are

I lost both parents a year apart. You have my sympathies, and i still miss them both greatly, many years on.

Thanks for all your words guys,I got my brother coming over in 3 weeks time from Topeka for the funeral and friends and family are appearing from everywhere even one I lost touch with I put some pictures on FB to get the word round, so its got its use after all. :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: