Engine bearings

Ok, probably been covered a thousand times but where do I get both mains and rod bearings of various sizes? It appears green and ‘B’ bearings are available (occasionally) but the others are as rare as hens teeth.
I just pulled down my spare motor and, it appears, that it has been opened previously due to punch markings on the rods. Problem with this motor, though, is there is no coding on the rods to determine the bearing IDs. Any ideas?
Also, why the (&^^ didn’t Honda just use the same size bearings across all of the journals? Were/are they that incompetent as an engineering manufacturer?
On the good side, the crank from my spare engine looks fantastic. Down side, the cases aren’t so good as the intermediate shaft appears to have turned and gouged the alloy.
Thanks in advance

Hi rob…
I don’t think there are any stockists who have all the bearing sizes, you will probably have to figure out which bearings you need then trawl the Internet… there are a number of small spares company’s who seem to pop up on the Web with hard to find items…if you get stuck with the main bearings zzr1400 shell sizes are the same, unfortunately the locating tag is on the wrong side so you would have to do a little work to get them in…
As far as I know all bikes, even upto present have under and over size bearings, something to do with wear on the tooling through manufacture…

Thanks Pete. Funny, though, how car engines use the same size throughout. I can understand tooling wear between engines but on one engine!