engine removal

Trying to remove the motor from my donor bike but how does it actually come out of the frame.The whole bike is stripped,exhausts are off but the motor wont come out of the frame.
If you move it forward the right hand cases get stuck on the frame and if i try to roll the motor forward the rear heads get stuck.The honda manual just says carefully remove the engine with a trolly jack.There must be any easy way to position it so it comes out.Any help will be gratefully recieved.

I ended up making a stand for mine and sat the engine and bike up on it, once I removed the piece of frame on the lower front LHS I gradually unbolted the engine from the frame and bolted it to the stand, then I took the last bit of weight with a jack underneath and lifted the frame off the engine. From behind I sort of lifted the frame out to the right slightly and rolled it up and around anticlockwise.

If you can get the engine and frame sitting on the ground you could probably do something similar. They’re bloody heavy buggers, around 90kg, not some thing I thought I could catch if I dropped it.

I took a photo of mine with a brief discription on how to take it out, which is, roll engine forward onto front cylinder while in the frame, then roll the engine to the left, with a slight anticlockwise twist, sounds easy does’nt it, it is’nt, wear steel toe caps, put something on the floor like old cushions, get assistance, the next time I do mine I’m going to use a block and tackle and lifting slings to see if its any better, yes the motor is bloody heavy, I tried picking mine off the floor and was sure someone had nailed it down while I was’nt looking[xx(] if its a donor are you completely stripping it?, if so, try strip down to just the frame and engine, then lift the frame off the engine, still awkward but not as bad.

Alan,its a lot easier if you remove the RHS casing and clutch,that allows the engine to drop after moving slightly to the left.BIF

Thanks guy’s.I think i will take the front and rear ends off and lift off the frame.
How did they fit together when they were new without scratching the bloody paint.

The reason for the donor bike is the gearbox bearings are getting noisy on my FF and a mechanic mate of mine is going to do all the bearings for me whilst it is apart.The donor is a genuine 20k bike but the bodywork was tatty as it had spent a while outside after the original owner sold it to a numpty.

Cams are perfect,as new in fact so whilst its out of the frame i will fit one of my oil kits and then stick it in the FF and get the std motor re built.Dont know how long it will take to find new cams etc for the std motor and dont want to not ride it next year.Out of all my bikes i like the FF best,rides nicer than the Bol’dor (new suspension should sort the Bol) and more comfy than the CBR.
Too much to do and not enough time.

Engine is out,bloody awkward on my own but got their in the end.

Just got to the nearly give up stage with getting the lump out of the frame. I have an exhaust leak where cylinder head joins header, rear left side. So rear headers have to come off.

It all seemed so easy " gently lower and remove from side" - some chance.

I bet loads of these bikes have been scrapped in the past because owners could not afford this work done at a dealer!

I will not give up! Will try it with the side cover and clutch off!

As far as I remember correct, the take away-part was possible, but when installed the overhauled, painted engine back… another story, and the clutch cover had to come off. I have a F2, maybe more space, but wider heads.

Nearly gave up, but too far gone to turn back!
Starter clutch off no probs then started on clutch.
My Clymer parts book has photo of the clutch centre retaing nut which looks like a normal nut, but no not mine! It has a castelated nut which needs a special tool as no way will a normal socket fit on this.
I don’t suppose anyone out there has one I can beg, borrow, buy or hire.

Those tools are usually made from suitable socket with grinder. I opened my own with punch and hammer, but had one made for assembly by a machinist friend. My socket is a bit far away to borrow, tough.
There http://www.netcrafting.com/motorcycles/clutchnut/clutchnut_tool.htm are instructions.

Check Ebay,the tool you need is available in 20 and 24mm and not too pricey.If you need the cluch off quickly try a cold chisel and hammer,crude but effective BIF

Thanks for the Advice. I ground 6 dogs into a karge socet and it worked a treat. Engine immediately threw in the towel and came out.

Exhaust fixed now, new rear headers. I assembled the complete system and put the engine back in the frame with complete exhaust all connected up.
Top tip! Do not use jacks! Use a hydraulic engine hoist and 2 thin strops.
Hang complete engine from hoist whilst exhaust is fixed.
Get a handfull of ball bearings and place on floor at open side of frame, then add a piece of 20mm ply 400mm sq to cover the balls. Make sure the ply is uniformly supported.
Lower engine on to ply as close as possible to frame.
Remove strops and slide engine and ply sideways into frame. As balls come out the back of the ply get a mate to feed them back in on the other side. This is import to ensure stability of engine whilst being moved.
When engine is aligned inside frame, reattach strops and lift into place. Set top rear long bolt and reattach open side of frame. Lower/lift, as required strops, to align lower long bolt. - Job done - Open up some beers! You are a genius!_