Engine swap and carb fitting

A good day today,3hrs at work then up to big Gs garage to fit an engine into his freshly painted up frame.All went well(no insults or injuries)and my first attempt at fitting carbs using the tilted boot method,what a breeze.A good hard push straight down and on they went.
I will be using this method from now on.


Yes Biff, It makes sense when you study the picture :+1:

Gooday All,
fitted carbs to my project RE yesterday. I set it up exactly as in the photos you posted @bif .
I was FFFing amazed that it was so easy this time!!! New rubber. clamps wound all the way out, rubbers and inlet stubs lightly grease with red rubber grease. A slight push and one side was almost on, then around to the other side, another gentle push, and they were on!
I was prepared for all sorts of fun - had my blunt bent butterknife and hooky thing ready for acrion but not required. So easy it was almost an anticlimax.

Thanks @Bif for saving my knuckles and sanity. The last time I did this job I ended up making up a jig and using a small scissor jack.

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She’s looking good mate,glad the info was of use to you.Keep up the good work