F/F2 Engine swap


I have been running a 1984 VF1000F for a while. It has now developed a big noise, like it’s slamming a valve shut, so will need a rebuild.

In the mean time I have a 1986 VF1000F2, in a very sorry state but, with a good engine.

It seems it has the thermostat on the other side, a second radiator, doesn’t use the frame to route the water, couple of additional restraining bolts etc…

Has anyone any idea if this engine will fit into my VF1000F frame, with a few mods here and there?

I would like to keep the bike on the road this summer while I rebuild the original engine.


G’day greccle
I took an 1984 F motor out of a 1985 F2 and put it in my 1984 F frame, i don’t know why it was in there (the joys of buying on ebay).

Like you said about thermostat and the use of the frame ,i had no problems ,you need to change coolant pipes from F2 to F to bring it out the left side to tie into the F thermostat.
Put NEW o-rings on the coolant pipes i didn’t and paid the price .

As far as I know, it is tight fit. Also use the starter clutch from the F, it will work with F:s CDI box. Not sure about pulse generators, if they need to be from F too.

I’m pretty sure ( 99 % actually ) the F2 engine won’t go into FE frame, the rear cyl rocker covers are too wide to fit between frame top rails. If you do get it in you’ll definitely need either the F2 wire loom / CDI box or to swap the ignition pick up coils from you old FE engine otherwise she won’t rev above 3K .

A guy here swapped a Ff engine (line bored cams as in F2) to Fe frame, and it went there. He had the rev problems, but solved them with starter clutch and pulese generators from Fe engine. There is a discussion about this swap in vfrd forum’s topic http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/47830-vf1000r-motor-in-vf1000f-frame/ , have a look there, the topic is nice information. Discussion about revving problem is in http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/56208-vf1000f-hesitates-badly/