F vs FF Rearsets

Hi all!

Wondering if anyone can help me out, I’m looking at buying some tarozzi rearsets which the make for the 84 model vf1000f, I have an 85 ff. They can’t confirm if they’ll fit.

Judging from pics the f and ff have slightly different stock rearsets and the frame is also slightly different around the mounting point.

Can anyone confirm whether the rearsets from the f fit the ff?


Can’t give a definitive answer, but I do know the peg/frame aspect is different between models (as your comparative photos reveal). I discovered this when I purchased a set of Marving replica mufflers for a 1985 model. The mounting point for the muffler (the pillion peg) was out by almost 25mm. So I figured the Marving had been based on the 1984 model.

comparing the left side as well doesn’t look promising…