F2 Air Flow Control decals

The bike is just about ready to roll now. I’m wondering where I can locate the decals for the air flow control system. I have attached photos of the two decals I’m after. First there is the ‘Caution’ decal which sits at the air intake entry point on both sides of the lower fairing. Secondly there is the white on clear ‘Air Flow Control’ decal which sits on the actual intake flaps. Honda Australia is a nil return on both counts. Has someone tracked down reproductions? Any advice? Thanks.

Sunrise graphics in the UK are worth a try.They no longer produce a full kit for the BolDor due to a copyright issue with Honda but still supply warning graphics which don’t contain the word Honda
Regards Bif

Thanks Bif. I have just emailed John at Sunrise now. Fingers crossed!

Just advising that MotoGraphix (Silverwater, NSW) now have both decals for sale. They were able to make these from the very pre-loved originals I supplied. John at Sunrise was also willing to do this, but I went with someone more local (same hemisphere).

Its so stupid when the original manufacturers won’t allow copyright infringement ( reasons understood ) but then don’t supply replacements anyway.