F2 fairing lower and air lines

I hope two questions in one post is ok? Seems like the first three jobs on this 85 F2 need to be an oil change, a thorough clean and check and two new tyres.

The Philips head in the bottom lhs fairing lower is well stuck and has some road damage. once it comes out, it’s being replaced! Is an impact driver a safe option or does someone have a better suggestion please?

Front and rear suspension had 0 & 16 psi respectively. Rear is holding the 30 I put in to check. Front hissed away the 4psi that was showing in a few minutes. Is it ok to run the front with no air until I get round to finding the leak? This bike’s all new to me at the moment. Cheers

Good phillips head screwdriver tipped in grinding compund could be good first try. Then impact wrench.
I have never cared about air pressure in suspension, but I kept the fork oil in correct level. I drive 99% of time alone, and with light luggage only when travelling.
Two years ago I changed rear shock and front springs to Hagons, and especially the front end works now well with no pressure.

Thanks for that. Total fail with a good Philips, so impact driver it may have to be. I’ll prob get the forks serviced before it goes back on the road and see how they are. I’m aware of Hagons reputation, but Ikon would probably be my first port of call for springs in Oz, if only because they’re local. Thanks again for your help

What is the price for rear Ikon there, I am not 100% hapy with rear Hagon, front is good.