F2 heads into f1 engine

I was cleaning up my stack of V4 parts and noticed that the F2 heads are almost identical to F1. I have some damage on my F1 camshafts and I wanted to know if anyone attempted to fit F2 heads into F1 engine.

Same for the oil pump - I have two pumps and two oil pans. Looks like a bolt on upgrade with nice OEM oil cooler setup.

Any information appreciated. I will be tearing down my F1 soon to do the main bearings and crank bearings and I want to know your opinion.


oil pump and heads will swap,however it’s almost impossible to remove the rear rocker cover once the engine is fitted.Later model frames are wider at the back to make way for the rear cylinder head

Thanks for information! Do I need to use F2 bolts for the heads or keep the F1 bolts?

Both do the job so use whatever is easier