F2 oil pump and sump fits F model?

Hi Gurus,
so after 5 years since my 85 F oil pump stopped working I finally got time to put it up on the bench and pull it apart. Originally I had started the bike up when I heard a funny noise from the bottom end and the oil light came on- immediately shut it down. I pulled the clutch cover off and saw that the oil pump drive chain was slack and not engaging the pump. At that stage I assumed that the drive pin in the pump had sheared, even though I`d never heard of that on a Honda oil pump before…

Anyway when I pulled it apart today I found that the pump case had cracked and shat itself, will post pics ASAP
I have another low K 85 F motor that I dont really want to cannibalise, I thought of trying to get hold of an F2 pump and sump to fit , along with an oil cooler, and possibly top end oil feed in line? My F sump is the later type with the unmachined castings for the oil cooler feed. [b]My question is: for this modification is all that I need the F2 pump and sump (as far as the motor goes), Im assuming that the other bits, like push in oil lines etc. will fit?[/b]

Hi Speedy,it is as simple as swapping pump and sump for the F2 parts.There is a dowel required that secures the Oring on the pump pressure side to the sump that you will need though.
If you don’t get one with a sump I will dig the dimensions out so you can make one
Regards Bif

Hi Bif,
thanks for the confirmation on interchangeability. Because Im a stubborn bastard Id thought of drilling and fitting the existing sump to suit, but then thought its not worth the chance of stuffing up a perfectly good F sump :-[ when there are F2 sumps out there, Ive got a good lead on the bits I need already, and close to home.

So today I picked up F2 sump, oil pump,oil cooler and lines from Joes MC Wreckers Fyshwick. I havent pulled the oil pump apart yet, but the motor it came out of looked good and very clean in the bottom end- fingers crossed :) As I havent any experience of the F2, Id expected the oil cooler to be down low in front of exhausts, but from the look and length of the oil lines it looks as though on the F2 it must live up around the top radiator?
Im thinking of fitting the cooler just in front of exhausts, and hopefully just inside of the belly pan, has anyone fitted a cooler down there, and have any pics? At this stage Im not sure of fastenings, butId like to make up some clamp on type fittings, or utilise brackets off engine mount studs to keep everything else standard. Im not keen on adding weight or heat up high or near the top radiator, and would like to keep the minimal weight low, and the lines short.
suggestions welcome!
Bif, Ive still got to sort through the bits so Im not sure yet if I got the dowel you spoke about, I grabbed the complete pump as it came out, and both lines and strainer incl. sprocket.

Hi Speedy,

There are? I’ve been looking for an F2 sump for ages and come up blank. I must be looking in the wrong places! Do you know where I might get one? Thanks mate.



The F2 has the oil cooler mounted below the headlight as it has no top rad.
Instead it has a small rad mounted in front of the down pipes for the front cylinders.
I see no problem with mounting the oil cooler low down on an F though,in fact Ascalon has one on his FF
Regards Bif

Thanks Bif,
I might contact Ascalon to see how he has mounted his?
Don R, - I must just have got lucky with getting on here locally at Joes Wreckers then? Now that Ive got the bits all cleaned up Ive realised that for my model, an FF with the unmachined castings for the oil outlet and inlet for the cooler in the sump- the oil pump in mine, which I believe is the original, is the twin pump- It has the ordinary size pump, but with a smaller pump on the end for the cooler. As far as I can see, apart from the machined oil line ports everything else is identical between my 85 FF sump and pump, and the 86 F2 (apart from my Fooked oil pump)
Im not sure what model yours is Don, but if its an FF like mine you could be in luck - if you have the later pump you could drill your existing sump to fit whatever type of oil line fittings you wanted. If yours is an FF, if I were you Id be tempted to slip the sump off and check? Maybe give Joes Fyshwick a call, if you like I could check if he reckons he`s got another one? i dealt with Corey, he knows what to look for now, or if you get stuck, I could go back and check?

Hi Greg,

I’ve got a VF1000R that I want to fit the oil cooler system to. I purchased a pump from forum member Ron and am now looking for a sump. A local wrecker to me has one like your original with the unmachined casting. The return port looks easy enough to drill out but the delivery port casting that runs to the rear of the sump to mate up to the pump is long and thin and runs at an angle so drilling it through would be quite a challenge. Thanks for the contact at Fyshwick, I’ll give him a call and see how it goes.



Hi Don,
read your reply and just took the baffles off my new sump to check.
I see your point re drilling through to the rear of the sump casting. At this stage Im mystified with what the second pump does when installed in the F model, it looks as though it just runs 'dead' has oil on the pickup side, but cant pump because the passage to the front and oil cooler is not drilled? Ill have to clean up my original sump and investigate further.
A good machinist would be able to mount the F sump on a mill or drill press at the correct angle, and drill parallel OK, but by the time you found someone to do the job, and paid for their time stuffing around, it would probably be quite expensive.
Good luck with Joe`s, give me a call 0428 298 994, if you need help with that.

Thanks mate.


I found a sump today! Got it from a wrecker called Old Gold Motorcycles. Thanks for your help on this.



Great Don, ;D
well done hunting one down! Im looking at the standard cooler and lines Ive bought and looking at options, I`ll probably use the cooler, but will try to hunt down some shorter lines so I can locate it down low.