F2 Oil pumps

I understand that the later F2 Boldor models had a doubled up oil pump arrangement. Does anyone know if they can be fitted to the earlier models and by how much do they increase pressure/flow, if at all!!

Hi Scratcher,
take a look at this web site http://www.vf1000r.fr/site/differencesvf1000fvf1000fII2eng.htm

  • shows fitting of f2 pump to f engine, you will need the f2 oil pan and oil cooler plus pipes.
    It appears the second rotor of the dual pump is only used to circulate oil through the oil cooler circuit, it doesn’t appear to increase oil pressure in the engine its self.
    Take a look at Fun-foto shop on ebay - was listing pump and oilpan from an f2.

Hope this helps


Cheers mark.
I was intrigued to know if it did increase the pressure, which the early VFs could do with more of, and if it did and was useable in an early model, it then becomes an alternative to the old Dave Dodge oil mod. You’ve answered my question now in so far as it wouldn’t offer any advantage over the single pump pressure wise, and the f2 oil cooler woild be required also(which won’t fit beneath the stock FE belly pan).
So Dave Dodge Mod it is then!

Hi Chriss,
totally agree about the oil pressure, owned my vf1000fe from new (1984, had a big end bearing fail at 1500 miles (repaired under warrenty), then again at about 17000 miles the bike was about 5 years old at this point, with full dealer services, dealer supplied about £1000 worth of engine parts F.O.C. and I paid for labour only!
The bike was taken of the road in 1990, I am just getting it roadworthy again and have already bought the DRP oil kit - took ages to arrive, then got stung about £30 for import duty. If buying from the states make sure you use a tracked delivery service, mine arrived on the 3rd attempt at sending (this last delivery used a tracked service.
Not fitted the kit yet as I’ve been busy refurbishing and rebuilding a wrecked F2 - still need headlight and fairing parts though.


I had a new FF in 85 which had new cams at 8000miles,then modded tensioners(by Tony Galea in Tottenham,to stop em sticking)at 15,000m but then went on for another 60,000m and would have kept going if it hadn’t been rearranged by a SMIDSY driver! You must let me know how the oil mod installation goes once you’ve done it and whether there are any points or snags to watch out for when doing it! It looks pretty straightforward, but you never can tell!!!

Hi Chriss
probably wont be installing for another month or so, too many f2 bits spread around garage at moment. I’ll drop you a line when I’ve installed the kit.


I assembled Dave Dodge’s oil mod in my F2 couple of years ago. The major PIA was to fix the lines to cylinder heads, not too much space there. Another possible problem is to remove original hollow “bolt” where the oil filter is fixed to. My bike has run 85000 km’s and the cams were good, hope they stay tahat way now.