F2F mirrors

Stock mirrors on my '85 F2F are a bit battered and also slightly wider would be better, I note Steve Whiteside’s bike [photo gallery]has what are presumably aftermarket mirrors that would suit.

Suggestions would be welcome, fleabay lists a lot of mirrors for later model Jap bikes but what would fit is a mystery.

I fed up to see only my shoulders in the mirrors, and bought Trojan mirrors with led indicators. They fit to F2:s bolts, and even look OK. I do not have any experiences how they work in use, we still have almost one metre of snow here. Testing will be done maybe in late April… One place to get them is here: http://www.cartuningparts.co.uk/universal-trojan-led-fairing-mirrors-black-adjustable-stems-pair-e-marked/

Many thanks Pekka.

I will order mirrors now and post here how well they work.

Wonderfull to get help from across the world.

Cheers Tiger [from Australia]

Original RHS mirror fell off on the freeway this morning, it had been repaired with some plastic epoxy rubbish, traffic behind was a fair way back so I think no harm done.

Still waiting on Trojan mirrors from UK but at least I am slightly ahead of the game.

Hello Pekka

I think you will be happy with the mirrors, much better field of view and quiet clear vision.

The move a little on bumps but nothing worth worrying about.

Good to hear, now I’ll keep on working and put the wires through fairing. No hurry yet, we still have one metre snow.