I have just got another f2f thats taxed and tested to pull apart to act as a donor for mine so I can get it back into top line condition. If anyone is looking for bits let me know as I will probably part out the new one once I have got mine sorted. It was cheaper to buy the entire bike with good tyres and a collector box than to go shopping for just those bits for mine . I will have a lockable right hand fairing pocket too . Smiling about that … Might even be able to fit the indicators back without the horrible cracks in the stem surround. And at last will have a bike that doesn’t sound like a Helicopter that has to be a bonus…!!![:)]

If you are really parting the bike, I would be intersted in the fuel pump, bike stopped today 6 times in 400 km run, and I located the problem in fuel pump after bypassing the cutout relay. Then I could find out, if the pump points could be replaced.

Are the parts the the same for the VF 1000 F Interceptor?
If so I would like the Ignition Coils , the spark boxes and the voltage regulator.
For now this is what I want to have for spare for mine.

Best to all


Coils are same, as far as I know, spark box is different, regulator is same.

I’m looking both for information about how the oil cooler rad was mounted and plumbed in and I’m wanting to acquire a rad and all bracketry necessary.
I’ve got an F2F with the oil outlets in front of the sump just plumbed together with a loop of pipe.
Is the oil rad water or air cooled ?
Does it mount low down between the front of the sump and the front downpipes, there doesn’t seem to be much space and no mounting points ?
What brackets do I need and where do they locate ?
Thanks in advance for any info anybody can give me.

The oil pipes go up to the air cooled small radiator below headlight. Brackets are in the “gage”, which holds the fairing. In the link http://cgi.ebay.de/HONDA-VF-1000-F-OLKUHLER-SCHLACHTFEST-2-/300436656396?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motorrad_Kraftradteile&hash=item45f36b910c you can see how the pipes look, the cooler itself is not very well visible in this picture. All parts can be seen in the parts fiche downloadable in the VF1000.com’s frontpage.