fairing fitting

Hi, just fitting lower half fairing to f2 but i’am not sure which side of the fairing the top hat rubber seal fits where the fairing is fixed to the lower frame rails. Do they fit inside so that the larger diameter of the rubber acts as spacer between fairing and frame or do they fit with the larger diameter on the outside of the fairing.
I know its a daft question, but there was now fairing on the bike when I got it so I have no reference as to how they fit.

Help please

According to the parts manual exploded diagram they fit from the outside with the "brim"up against the head of the fixing bolt.The thinner part of the rubber fits over the shoulder section of the bolt and prevents contact between the fairing and the mounting bolt.Regards BIF

Thanks for the info Bif,
Tried them this way, but wasn’t sure if it was correct because the corner of the fairing (by gear selector) curves inwards very slight and contacts the frame, so was wondering if I had fitted them wrong!

Thanks again.