Fairing repair

Trying to get my Bol d’or ready for MOT but the left front indicator has been broken at some time in the past. It has been held in up to now by some silicon rubber but I would like to try to make a better repair. The metal boss has broken out of the indicator plate and there is a piece broken off the fairing behind it where the boss goes through. Not much there to use araldite. Has anyone tried any other modern adhesives such as Quick Bond QB2? Any other suggestions?

This is a bit of a weak point on the Bol,so over the years I have picked a few of these plates up as and when they showed up.
I have some here in both light and dark silver,if one of them would help PM me and we can sort it out.
Regards Bif

If you’ve enough of those spare, i could do with a couple too. I’m looking at the possibility of moulding some up as well in fibreglass as replacements.

are the left and right inserts different or are they symetrical so you can use them either side?
I am tring to find a dark grey on for a right side fairing but there only seem to be left ones in the world just now… i was wondering if someone could get a few 3d printed ? oh and what is the silver colour code for the Bol, i need to get mine done if no one is seriously interested in buying it

The silver on the Red Bol is NH-131M starlight silver metallic and the gray on the silver one is NH-142M-U meteor gray metallic-U.
If this is of help or even answers your question a reply to say so would be gratefully received
Regards Bif