Fan switch connector

Hi guys, ive just purchased a lower temp fan switch from wemoto, cuts in at 85c i believe , the only thing is it only has one spade connector, no need for the earth ? Original has 2 spades, pic of my bike so far, just ordered decals and then some paintwork20200524_175602 20200524_175654

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Bike looks great Tony,the switch you have won’t work on your bike.
Yours switches the live to the fans,live from ignition in on one wire and out to the fans on the other.
A two connector switch that operates at 85 degrees is available on ebay u.k. item no 274125354163

Yeah right thanks biff, ill have to get my money back as it is listed to fit an 84fe, grrrr

The swich thay sold you is a car version which is negative ground to the chassis

Excellent work on the bike so far tony :+1:

Hi guys, i found the switch on ebay uk, about 12 bucks from china? Is that the one or is there another ?

I think that’s the one bif uses, if you cant get hold of that one I’ve been using the rover one, part number BNP1883 opens at 92° and closes at 86°, it has bullet conectors so you need to change the connectors on the loom.

Biff sorted my swith out yrs ago I think he told me it was one from a Honda civic and brings fans on earlyer. Ha I may be wrong