FE fuel t piece


I’ve just joined as I’m rebuilding a VF1000FE and have found the info in your forums absolutely great. I’d have spent a fortune on unnecessary bits if I hadnt followed the threads. But I’m left needing the first t piece the fuel arrives at when it reaches the carbs. The code for it is, i believe, 16026 - MB0 - 671. Does anyone have this for sale? I tried making something up and failed. Getting really frustrated as this is, hopefully, the last bit I need and the cheapest i’ve seen it on the net is 23 euros.



For anyone esle who gets stuck, managed to save about £30 by using a standard 8mm tee piece with 8mm/11mm pipes going into the carbs. The 11mm pipe fits nice and snug, especially when you push the tee piece into place. No more leaks. Now for the next problem she decides to come up with.


Nice one Gerry will keep that in mind

regards Paul