FE Gearbox Problem

Hi Guy’s

Has anybody encountered a problem with their gearbox, my FE has developrd a problem with 4th gear.
Under acceleration it will disengage and snatch as if the clutch is slipping and rattle like a bitch, roll off the throttle and it will re-engage no problem, not like a false neutral.
All other gears are fine no problem.

The other question is if I have got to dismantle the gearbox, I have obviously got to drop the engine and split the crankcase, can this be done without haveing to dismantle the rest of the engine ie cam chains crank out etc.

You guys have a lot more experiance than me on stripping these lumps down so any suggestions would be appreciated.

The shop manual says, that heads need to be removed. I did that when opened R-engine, but maybe it could be done with heads in place. There are three bolts on top side, at least one of them can be loosened, but not completely removed without taking heads off. But, since you are almost there, why not remove heads, clean everything and change the valve stem seals too. The crankcase is a big lump to handle with heads on,

It sounds like a bent shifter fork. I fixed my gearbox (snapped shifter fork) with the enginge out of the frame and keeping the heads on. I did’t save so much work since I had to remove all cams and slipper blades for the cam chains. I would recommend to remove the heads and change the oil seals at the same time.