FF owner manual wanter

Has anyone got an FF owners manual in paper or PDF format?

I have the Genuine Honda one for the FF and F2 Bold’or.
You are welcome to borrow it if you want to get it copied.

Cheers Crooky but if its in good nick I wouldn’t want to damage it by opening it up for the scanner. If we can get one I will be happy to scan it into PDF and post it on the forum for future reference perhaps we can do this with the other owners manuals too. I have a service manual for the VF1000 by Honda in PDF format if any one needs it.

Please scan the owners manual… I’ve just bought a VF1000 FII without the manual.

I have a loose leaf F2 and Bol Dor pukka Honda one as well ( in a ring binder). Happy to photocopy if this helps. Price for postage only. Let me know.


Pete has kindly put the manual on the site.click on vf1000f2 on the bar at the top of the home page and select manual from the drop brown box.it then loads as a PDF.Regards BIF
ps.The FF is also covered by this manual

Ok i saw that one but that’s the workshop manual… I would have liked the owners manual.:slight_smile: