FF Round and about!


Hi all!
Been hooning around North and East Yorkshire on my VF1000FF today with my buddy on his de-chavved SRAD750. Great ride on a classy and classic V4vf20180708_205326


Care to join us at Hulme End?
Much banter and witty repartee to be enjoyed at the Manifold Inn,August 24-26 with like minded souls.
Regards Bif


Hi Bif,
Yes I fancy this, but I can only stay Friday night as We are going to Silverstone on the sunday. What happens about booking?


Have a chat with the Manifold Inn there may be some availability,failing that Gmcc has a twin room booked but Johnboy is not able to make it this year so there’s a bed going spare.
check out the Hulme End discussion on the events and meets page
Regards Bif


Cheers Bif, Manifold only doing 2 nights minimum so I’ll PM Gmcc and see if he wants a one nighter! OOer missus!