FF screen

Due to some ear/ wind noise issues have have developed over the last year I want to try a cut down screen on the FF but don’t want to ruin the one on the bike.

Has anyone got a damaged/spare one they don’t want/need?


i have a fairing with screen . its got a few scratches on screen. but nought to bad you
can see though

Pm sent

Thought I would update this thread.
Following some ongoing ear issues last year I decided to go for an ultra low screen as the VF already is a bit wristy and a bigger screen would just make that worse with stock bars. The great news is that is seems to work for me. Wind noise is greatly reduced with the airflow being almost totally clean.
It also has the benefit of keeping the speed down on our camera infested roads and has been great in the hot weather too.
All this means that I can now ride the old girl and do not need to sell.
The seat pad is to give a bit more leg room.

I did the same a few years back;

It was a much cleaner air flow, but it was A Lot more wind.
Used a piece of the discard to make a little wing for straighter air flow.
We can ride into some strong Chinook Winds here and at Spirited Speeds it was Fatiguing.
In Cold weather it was Much Colder.
In Rain, it was wetter.
I cut it by following a Laser Level Line drawn on.

I put a Original back ON, couldn’t take it for Long Rides (gettin Wimpy in my years).

But you may notice another Mod, under the Front Cowl.
I put a black plastic Air Deflector ON just in front of the Forks.
It moves a lot more Air up by the Steering Stem, into the Gauge area, reducing the Vacuum Currents there.
Much less Turbulence at your head and gives the Air Cleaner Intake Cold Air, instead of Hot Air from behind the Upper Rad.
Motor likes cold air.
Its made from the Plastic Trim that’s placed where a Floor meets the Wall.
I’m on a Second one that I made out of Furnace Duct Tin.
I intend to make a proper one, out of Aluminum, and it bolts ON using the Ft-Brake-Line-Splitter Bolts.
Still have to figure out the best size and bends, make a jig so I can stamp out a bunch.

As for the noise, I now use custom silicone molded ear speakers, remarkable, should done that 30 years ago.

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