FF steering lock

Is there any way to take the key out of the FF ignition without activating the steering lock?

This is very inconvenient, especially when needing to move the bike around in the shed.


The aussie models release the key in the unlocked but off position.
Should be lock, off. On
If you can’t pull the key out in the off position, try some spray lube in the lock.

Mine is originally a German model, but I’ll try that.

The lock itself does not feel like it is lacking in lube in any way, but it would be a great to be able to get the key out without the lock.

UPDATE: no joy. Even with the bars turned to the lock position, when I turn the key back to the off position, it will not release, it is just the same as trying to take it out in the On position.

Arse biscuits.

Same result on my vf. According to handbook it should be possible without steering lock but it is not working :rage:

Good to know it’s not just m,e being a numpty :slight_smile:

But on the other hand, more arse biscuits.

the German spec bikes use a different ignition switch to U.K. Spec.
I don’t know for sure what the difference is but not being able to remove the key without locking the steering may just be it.
The same G spec switch is used on Fi and SA bikes too
Regards Bif