Finished project

I have finished building Scratchers bike for him from boxes of bits not a single part put together so I have managed to build it not so easy when you have never seen one complete and eveything on it works.

Here are the photos I took today the only problem is I cant find out how to reduce the picture size form my Photo bucket account if someone could advise how so I can correct in the future

I also have bits left over which are all serviceable I will put photos in the for sale section

First rate job Mick,I think Bud may have the grill you need for the fairing.I will give him a call and see if he will part with it.Regards BIF

This bike looks A1 well done and for a good cause. This is how my bike should look,mine is the same colour, not sure if it will like this but you sure have given me some inspiration.

So is mine that colour ,just the tail to finish
starter cable sits under casing not over.
looks superb


Bloody good job, looks great!

Lovely,and the best colour.Chris will be very proud of the job you have done,really really good.

Brilliant job, but on mine the thermostat is on the otherside and the starter motor wiring is under the crankcase.
Which is correct or have there been mods.

I rebuilt it as per the workshop manual and in all the photos it shows it that way round for the 1984 bike.
Dont know the different variants on model to model


Always one isn’t there, spend all that time putting it back together then people come along and find fault with it, although they mean well. Very well Done.