First ride

First ride with my project. Runs nice in the first half of the revs, but at full throttle the bike runs not good. I think a little bit, it will run to lean. Main jets are 118 at my german model, but i use the sliders of the full power model. Any idea about the fine jetting of the carbs? I use the stock air filter and the stock exhaust. FE model from 1984.


have you cleaned your carbs in a ultrsonic cleaner recently,
honda spent millions in developement of these carbs and got them right
my fe has the original jets,different ones in the back due to mixture diferences
clean out the carbs should sort out the revs 8)

nice looking bike mines red and black ;D

I split the carbs and cleaned it by hand. No ultrasonic in my near. Maybe i have to ask some dealers about a ultrasonic. I have ordered a set of 120 and 122 jets to see what will happen.


hi jan,

that looks a nice FE, i would be carefull mixing carb parts from different models, i mixed ff and f2f carb slides recently which created a huge flat spot at 5500 to 6500 revs, it was as if there wasnt enough vacuum to lift the slides…

the full power vf1000fe uk and most european models use 150 front and 145 rear main jets, and 7.5mm float height.

The german carbs should have 116/118 jets. I have seen a modified VF1000F2 with removed airbox and single air filters on custom made velocity stacks and the owner uses 122/124. I think about to use a jet kit, maybe dynojet. The carbs of my VF were not in good conditions when i bought the bike. So i bought another set of carbs and use some parts of this. But i don`t know what model they are from. The owner only knows they are from a VF1000. But everything inside that carbs was the same like inside my carbs.


Hi Jan.

I think a good starting point as windy solar says would be to make sure your carbs are clean…

On the matter of jetting… you can’t really compare jet sizes with the ff or f2f as both these carbs work differently from the fe ones, the ff/f2f vent to the outside where as the fe carbs vent into the air box…
Honda made available a carb revision kit for the fe which vented the carbs to the outside, included in the kit were new carb slides, vent pipe and fittings and 115 main jets.

As a relative newbie, I’m afraid I’ve no wisdom to add on the jetting side of things, but I can say that is a lovely looking bike.

Are they Dymag wheels?

Good luck with you issues.


Wheels are from the german company PVM. In the eighties high end wheels. I got them with a bike, which stands 10 years in a shed. Also the moto italia foot rests. Tomorrow i will have a look to the carbs and sort the problem (i hope…).


Today i took the carbs out and split them. I found this things:
Jets 115, Needles look all the same, Springs 1+3 short, 1+4 long, lift holes 3,6mm, 116hp european versions.

The parts i took out of the carbs a few month ago, because one of the diaphragm was damaged:
Jets 110, Needles look all the same (but not like the needles from the carbs i use on the bike), springs like above, lift holes 3,0mm, 100hp german versions.

The carbs look all the same. Can`t find some damage or other problems, but i will see, if i can clean the carbs in a ultrasonic cleaner. I have a print from a honda dealer with the maintanance details. This paper talks about 120 jets in the FE (VD82D carbs).

I have one new piston comp: 16111-MT4-681. I don`t know fpr what it is.

A lot of questions in my eyes…???


Work is done, rebuild the carbs, use 120 jets, balanced the carbs and the bike runs. Thanks for your help!