For Sale – Honda VF 1000 FE – In Pieces

Saddle (original cover, no splits, good wear left) - £15
Side Panel R (good nick, one missing lug) - £15
Side Panel L (good nick, has all lugs) - £20
Petrol Tank (resprayed, maroon/black in keeping with original livery, ‘Honda’ in well applied white transfers, some rust on lower mounting) - £20
Belly Pan (black with ‘V-Four’ in Red, evidence of discrete repair inside, looks fine from outside) - £15
Fairing (resprayed maroon in keeping with original livery) - £30
Fairing Bracket – £10
Clocks (inc speedo & tacho cables) - £10
Collector Box (nearly new, genuine Honda, completely sound) - £90
Silencer R (original, repainted, sound) - £30
Silencer L (original, repainted, sound) - £30
Exhaust Clamps (rear down pipes to collector box and silencers to collector box – four in all) - £10
Original Owners Manual - £5
Original Tool Kit (plus some extra bits) -£5
Rear Brake Assembly (reservoir, master cylinder, hose and caliper with new brake pads) - £15
Front Brake Assembly (reservoir, master cylinder, lever, braided hosing, both calipers inc pads with life left) – £20
Rear Wheel (inc spindle, adjustors, cush drive, brake disc and low mileage tyre – Pirelli MT 08) - £30
Front Wheel (inc spindle, brake discs and tyre with wear left – Pirelli MT 09) - £25
Rectifier - £5
CDI (Spark) Units x2 - £40
Ignition Coils (set inc mounting) - £15
Spare Ignition Coils (set inc mounting) - £15
Coolant Bottle - £5
Front Mudguard (original colour, no damage) - £10
Foot Rest Hanger & Foot Pegs R (inc back brake pedal) - £15
Foot Rest Hanger & Foot Pegs L (inc gear change and linkage)- £15
Chain Guard - £5
Front Light - £5
Back Light - £5
Seat Hump - £10
Clutch master cylinder and piston assembly (inc lever and braided hosing) - £10
Engine –oil modded - (including carbs and air box with new air filter) - £80
Spare Clutch Assembly (complete) - £15
Radiators and Fan Assemblies - £15
Front Forks (inc brace) - £30
Spare Forks (tubes and sliders but incomplete internals and no dust seals) - £5
Handle Bars (inc switch gear, throttle cables, grips and bar ends, plus spare left hand switch gear) - £10
Wing Mirrors - £10
Frame & Swinging Arm (inc fork yolks, centre strand, side stand, rear shock, battery box – and anything else that’s left attached) - £50

This is about all I can think of at present – I’ll add other bits as they present themselves. If there is something apparently not covered in the list that you are interested in just ask.

Post & packing extra – price to be agreed according to Post Office web site.


For large/multiple items I can deliver within a radius of 300 miles (from Watford – effectively limited to England and Wales) at a cost of 40p/mile (one way). Though if you spend £200 or over, the first 100 miles would be free. Delivery would have to be to my convenience, but I’ll let you know when is possible.

For both posting and delivery, payment would have to be made prior to despatch (cheque/cash).

If you’re happy to collect, it’s cash on collection.

Happy to answer questions and e-mail photos of the bits you’re interested in.

When you talk about Belly pan is that the lower faring?
If it is would you please send me some photos and also how much it would cost to send it to Iceland.
This is exactly what I need for my bike.
It will fit I think I have a VF 1000F Interceptor or don´t you think so?
Also I would like photos of the tool kit.
My e-mail is please send photos to there.

Best regards
Gunnar Már


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I think you got a fookin cheek mate…coming on here to break a VF and make a wodge…800 quid for a scrapper…you gotta be joking…Ya want fookin off to ebay mate…[:(!][V]

The forum section is entitled sales and wants … and of course the obvious thing about breaking a bike is that quite a lot of bits never sell.

If people don’t want to buy - they won’t.

Please ignore Tim and apologies for his lewd and crude behaviour. He obviously has forgotten to take his happy pills again.


Originally posted by PAJ

Please ignore Tim and apologies for his lewd and crude behaviour. He obviously has forgotten to take his happy pills again.


LOL LOL …well at least it’s woken you up Peter…[:D]

Have you sold the belly pan?


I am looking for a set of carbs and the in-fill panels (that go between the tank and faring. I would also like the tool kit or at least its bag

have you got these ?
Simon 07872 912 593

hello please give me a call 07809369584 i ll call you back as i have plenty of free mins re: rads

Hey! I’v got first dibs on the rads[:D]

hi i know it may be too late but do you still have any of the parts??? looking for a set of forks and a rear suspention unit…

Hi would you have a start/kill switch unit could include throttle handle for Honda 1983/85 vf1000 thottle cables and harness not necessary but the starter switch must be intacked.


The Jinlun JL125 switch might fit but I can’t guarantee it, I have not got around to playing with that side yet, they look like slightly modified/copied versions of the Honda switches, I have sucessfully swopped the switch casings and harness on the left hand side by mixing and matching parts, my original switch was severely weathered and was almost white, the only problem I have now is the printing, the Jinlun is white where the original Honda is orange. Is there anyone out there know anything about pad printing?

I bought some NOS switches from Dave Silver which were identical bodies with red print like the early 84 FE model, but they were originally from different bikes. One was a CBR1000F and the other was a VFR400. All I had to do was get the soldering iron out and swap the wiring over(cos the VF harness was longer). You wouldn’t know the difference now!

I contacted David Silver a few months ago, they said they did’nt have any in stock.

Thanks guy’s ill check CBR1000F and VFR400 to try compare.


Finally found the exact start/kill switch here in Ontario’its in transit, hope it works good.

Hi there do you still have the wing mirrors? I’ve been trying to find some for ages

hmmm probably not :grin:

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Yeah I only noticed after I wrote this how old the original post was :joy:

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