I have for sale a pair of pattern, black chrome silencers, marked as MACH - Hokasuya. identical to Marving type. These are new and have never been fitted and come with exhaust clamps, also in black chrome. they are a good copy of the original Honda silencers so retain the original bikes styling. Just been sitting in the workshop in bubble wrap. Photo on ebay, item number 110563353378 , if anyone wants them on here, I’ll happily end the listing.

What woul be the postal costs to Finland ? I’d like to have something to replace originals, for future classic registration according our rules.

Not sure on postal cost to Finland. Give me a day or two to weigh them and I’ll get a cost for you.

Right, Parcel Force quote £56 for a parcel weighing 8kg to Finland. That is the cheapest tariff. I hope this helps you Dnapekko [:)].

And the total is ?

And one more thing: do you think if they would fit F2 ? I remember, that you could got accidentally F2 silencers, which did not fit F.

If they are not on their way to Finland and they will fit my FF i will have them as my silencers have been repaired quite a few times and are running out of good metal to braze to.I dont want to step on anyones toes if you are still negotiating a deal.

I have never fitted them to my bike, which is an FE, but I’m pretty sure they will fit both FE and FF. I’m really not sure if they’d fit an F2. Can you tell me how they differ, Dnapekko? If they won’t fit your F2, then they’re not going to be of much use to you.

OK, Crooky, I’ll step out of the que, no hurry here, just looking for real bargain to save originals in good shape. Without Royal Mail’s robbery policy those are a bargain.

Put my name on them then and i will come and pick them up at the weekend.Just txt me your address to 07872936436.
Sunday morning would be best for me.