For sale

Have just listed 2 of my VF’s on Ebay.I have 13 bikes at the moment and its getting out of hand.Anything that is good for the road and can be used by someone else instead of just sitting in my garage or factory will now be sold.My projects i will keep and finish but i do have an 86 FF donor bike that i will sell on when i have taken the pics.I love my V fours but am running out of room to store the finished bikes.Just going to keep my Harley and buy a R1200RT BMW for riders.

THE RT is a good bike in many respects but having owned one and ridden the ST1100 THE HONDA WINS… The RT was unreliable, costly to maintain, had a wheel bearing at 6000 miles, a clutch at 12000 miles and a fuel controler unit at 14000 miles, It was always on a breakdown truck … The gear box was really clunky, the bike had constant vibration and though when it was out on a run the mpg was top side of 60 mpg and it had a range of 320 miles to a tank full it was, for me, a bitch of a bike. Anyway just my ten penneth

The Bol d’or has gone to its new home today.Sad to see her go but only done 300 miles on it in 3 yrs.

I too tried an 1150RT and hated it. Dont know why because all the details on paper looked right but I just couldnt connect with the bike.The front end seemed to be miles away. Anyway, I dont suppose BMW are too worried about my views, theyve sold millions ofem and very many people love em. Thats the beauty of bikes - each to his own.