Fork air leaking? VF1000F2

Hello, guys! I have faced a problem with an air leak from the fork.

I gave the motorcycle to the workshop coz the anti-dive system stopped working. After I picked up the motorcycle from the workshop, the fork started to make a strange sound when I’m pushing on it (like an air leak, it sounds like trucks, when they’re breaking: “p-s-s-s”.

This sound comes somewhere from the top of the fork, I already bought all components and they have changed them already, but my problem is still not solved.

Has anyone faced the same issue? What can it be? The guys who have been repairing my fork told me that this sound is normal, but I don’t think so.

I will upload the video later.

Sounds like an o ring on the air balance pipe located under the top yoke.
If the forks have been off it’s easy to catch one of them when refitting.
The noise is not normal and any loss of air will affect the suspension.
O ring part number is 91352MB4003

Hello, Bif!

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it looks like the sound is from there (the left leg of the fork). Most likely, that they moved the O ring during installation.

Is it also normal that the fork is installed this way? I thought the locking ring should not be visible?

It shouldn’t,the fork needs to be pushed up until the circlip bottoms out on the link pipe

It does not look like your local MC shop has had much experience with VF1000’s if they think that it is normal for the front forks to leak air like that. I suggest you find another shop with more experience or more customer care (Honesty).
Cheers John.

I will! Thanks, mate!