Fork Oil Dilemma

Hi Peoples, last weekend i replaced the seals int he forks of the 1000ff, and picked up some 10 weight fork oil (as suggested by my local dealer - honda that is) now the Dilemma i have is after reading the clymer workshop manual (cheers Simon - much appreciated indeed) it says use Dexron 2 Automatic transmission fluid, who is right? have i been stiffed by the very friendly parts guy? any info would be appreciated…Phil

The Honda shop manual recommends ATF too. When I renovated the front, I used some ATF, and no problem. But, I do not know if special fork oils were available in those days.

Kajaani, FINLAND
VF1000F2 -85, VF750S -82

Hi Phil,
( manual is interesting isn’t it – lots of specification info that makes a great bedtime read !!! )
Don’t worry too much about the fork oil or Dextron issue, it really is an either/or thing and it’s best to see what suits you and your bike and your riding style. Same thing applies to wieght of oil I reckon, I’ve got 15 W in my forks at the mo and they seem marginally firmer and better damped as I intended, but the difference anyway is very small and a subjective judgement.

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well Folks i took the plunge (yes a sad sense of humour i have indeed) and went with the 10 weight as told by two honda dealers, both the genuine honda workshop manual (abiet for the 750) says atf, just waiting for my friend to pop round in the morning to help get that damn spring back in !!! thanks for the replies…Phil