fork seals leaking

[:(!]fitted some fork seals when I rebuilt the bike over the last 6 months
Now its done 250 miles the new seals are leaking again
Why has this happened [:0]

I fitted them correctly with a fork seal fitting tool I had machined
and I definitely know what I am doing as I have city and guilds in Motorcycle mechanics which I got when I was a lot younger[:)]

the seals have two seals on opposite faces and I am sure I got them right.

Just ordered some pkn seals and they come with tube of paste which is a bit confusing to me . whats the paste for?


The most common reason for the seals failing is not replacing worn bushes in the forks.It is also easy to damage the seals when sliding them over the grooves at the top of the forks that the circlips fit into.I wrap a single turn of insulating tape over them to save any problems.When fitting the side with the numbers on goes to the top and the tube of paste is to lubricate the seal prior to fitting.Regards BIF

Cheers Bif I will give that a go when the seals arrive

thanks again


I will soon be an expert on VF,s